Sunday, September 21, 2008

Last night Greg, Becky, Sue and I went out to eat and came back to our house for a game of Mexican train dominoes. This is not one of Greg's best games. But last night Greg brought his "A" game and paid attention to what he was playing a WON!! It was a shock to the rest of us too, Sally. Anyway we had a good time fellowshipping and trying to settle all the worlds troubles.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I know it has been a looooong time since I posted. I have not had Internet at my house for awhile. Plus I like to post pictures of Cashion but the last several times I have been with him I play instead of take pictures. Everyone needs to look at Leia Ann's blog to keep up. I wanted to post this picture just to say "THANK YOU" to our troops that keep us safe. I found out my cousin Mark Laird is going back for his 3rd tour in Iraq. I know he covets your prayers. Also remember Cale Gee, he works with Spence and had to go to Iraq. I will try to post more now that I have the Internet back at the house.

Me and Cashion Ray

Cashion as a pirate

Me and mini me (taller)

My boys

The boys watching ESPN

Cashion Ray

Leia and Cashion looking good!

Cashion in Pop Pops wagon

Nana and her sick boy

Cashion Ray

Cashion Ray

Smiley boy